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The quality for the DVR system is still quite good, it uses analogue cabling which was installed in most houses and commercial applications through 1990 through to 2010.

Digital system typically comprises of IP (or network cameras connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). As digital system provides complete flexibility and extremely detailed footage (HD Quality, they are more expensive than an analogue system.
There is hybrid system (HD-SDI, HDCVI) which delivers HD video per coaxial cables which means it could work over existing camera cabling.

A typical 4 camera system takes about 6-8 hour to install.

All the cameras we supply have infra-red Night vision. When it’s dark, the camera displays black and white – it’s the way cameras deal with low light, just install some sensor lights round you house and the cameras will be colour.

Yes, we have indoor or outdoor cameras available. We also have Hidden Surveillance/Spy Cameras designed for indoor use only.

Security Alarms

If your job is urgent, let us know and we’ll try and squeeze you in. It normally takes about 4-6 hour to install.

We usually install your alarm cabling at frame work stage and complete the installation just before hand over. Or we can install your alarm once the builder hands over the house to you.

Your alarm system will make a deafening sound for round 5 minutes. If you have a phone line it can ring your mobile, our it can be connected to the internet so you can remotely turn it on or off from you mobile.

You can choose to have back to base monitoring, then an alarm monitoring company will call your mobiles to let you know. They may then send a security car to check on your property.

Video Intercoms

A video intercom are becoming more popular today. They can increase your overall safety at your home by allowing you to see who is at the front door before you decide to open it. A video intercom is a simple device that has a camera unit outside the entrance of a door or gate collaborating with a display monitor inside your house.

Intercom system can be a great convenience as well as a handy home security measure. They can put you in touch with people in an instant without the need for you to leave what you are doing. Having a link to the rest of the house can also be handy for keeping in touch with what everyone else is doing and for ordering that next cup of coffee! Seriously though, a home intercom system can provide you with an appropriate level of security as well. Know who is at the front gate or door is a big advantage in this day & age. From the most basic door intercom system right up to a fully automated entry system, your level of personal security is increased.


Yes! Virtually any home, from new to decades old, can enjoy the cleaning power of a ducted vacuum system installed in just a few hours without mess or disturbing walls by one of our professional installers.

Most ducted vacuum system are maintenance free. No lubrication or cleaning is ever required. So ducted vacuum systems have exclusive self-cleaning design. Just empty the dirt receptacle two to three times per year.

To create lightweight, powerful cleaning, better air quality and less noise, the power unit is typically located in the basement or garage, and is connected to convenient inlets throughout the home via vacuum pipe. Plug the hose into an inlet and the system is turned on with switch on the hose handle.

A Ducted Vacuum System costs much less than you might expect. The average cost for a complete system installed in new or existing homes, starts at round $1,000. And it can add to your resale value.

Yes! A properly installed Ducted Vacuum system offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet whatever the distance from the power unit.

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