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A ducted vacuum system is otherwise called the central vacuum system. It is a vacuum cleaner machine with ducting fitted in the walls of each room, with the power unit and collection unit installed in the carport, store, cupboard or other suitable location in your premises.

The central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and dust from homes and commercial properties, sending the dirt and dust particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a single collection point. Inlet points are strategically placed in the walls that join power hoses and other central vacuum equipment enabling the recovery of dirt and dust from inside rooms. Most power hoses, have a power switch embedded in the handle.

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How it works?

Once the complete system is installed, the lightweight hose and power brush unit are attached to the inlet unit on the wall. You have complete control of your system by way of the switch that is found at the top of the outlet hose. You don’t need to go to the power unit and turn the system on and off. You simply put the hose unit into the inlet and begin vacuuming.

The vacuum system transfers the dirt, & dust out of the room, by means of the ducting installed in the walls and connected to the primary power unit and deposited into a collection canister. Central vacuum bags and canisters should be emptied at regular intervals of three months. Each canister collects approximately 10 kg or a greater amount of dirt and dust.

For a house with an area of 465 sq. meters you require a power unit of at least 20 amps.

Sorts of Ducted Vacuum Cleaners

There are two types of ducted vacuum cleaners:
Cyclonic Ducted Vacuum Systems and Filtered Ducted Vacuum Systems.

Cyclonic Ducted Vacuum Systems – A cyclonic system that utilises centrifugal, tornado-like power and gravity to collect the dirt and dust from the air being circulated by the vacuum, and regularly deposits the dirt and dust into its container.

Filtered Ducted Vacuum Systems – Filtered systems utilise an assortment of different types of filters, for example, a screen, fabric, cloth or paper to clean the air sucked in by the vacuum. All filtered system filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

These are a few of the advantages of utilising the Ducted Vacuum System in your home. In spite of the fact that they are costlier at first the durability & capacity of the system will justify the expenditure in a couple of years. Additionally, they do not require continuous upkeep and have low consumable expenses.

Advantages of Ducted Vacuum System

  • Expanded Suction Power – This isn’t a compact vacuum cleaner, so there is nothing to prevent its ability to carry dirt and dust. To the canister. You can utilise the best motor size according to your needs. Larger motors increase the suction. You get 3 to 5 percent more suction than a typical convenient vacuum cleaner.
  • Quiet Cleaning – As the power unit isn’t situated in your room there is less or no noise with this method. The selected motor when fitted in an outside room, store or accessible part of your building so you can appreciate the quietness of your machine.
  • Indoor Air Quality – The best thing with the Ducted vacuum system is that it cleans the room successfully removing contamination from the air. Indeed, even dirt parasites are removed and all credit goes to the high suction control that enables you to remove all the dirt and polluted air from your home.
  • Low Consumables Cost – For filter less systems, there are no ongoing costs, other than every so often replacing worn motor brushes or vacuum hoses.
  • Flexibility – There are more than half a dozen accessories available for various kinds of cleaning. You can pick accessories according to your requirements dependant on floor covering, wood and tile floors, furniture, draperies, staircases, corners, roof fans, cars, mini blinds, and so on.

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